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A little about us...

Nancy (the aunt) and KarieAnn (the niece) inherited the crafting bug from their moms, who often crafted together. Some of their fondest childhood memories are sitting around the kitchen table, making something special for every holiday. And we mean EVERY holiday, no matter how big or small. You can always find a good reason to craft. That's what inspired the opening of GO Glittery, their retail store in St. Louis. When the opportunity arose to take over Craft Chameleon, who has been a beloved staple in the industry for over a decade, they jumped at the chance.

Now open as Craft Chameleon 2.0, with about 4000sq. ft. of warehouse, an open classroom space, and a small storefront (just around the corner from the original Craft Chameleon location), Nancy’s passion for crafting and KarieAnn’s 25 years of experience in the commercial sign/apparel/awards industry, they’re using their collective talents to inspire and grow an amazing craft community. All because of a little labor of love called GO Glittery!

Mike and Jamie Omahen, the founders of Craft Chameleon, were trailblazers in the industry. They genuinely loved their work and their customers. They’ve left some pretty big shoes to fill. We wish them a wonderful and long retirement together!

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