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Toboggan Blank 1 Sided Sublimation Hardboard Shape - 3 Inch

Toboggan Blank 1 Sided Sublimation Hardboard Shape - 3 Inch

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This Toboggan 1 Sided Hardboard Shape comes without any personalization - perfect for crafting your own bag tag, backpack charm, or keychain.

Sublimation Hardboard measures approximately  3.25" x 1.7"

Looking for a different shape not listed? Join our Facebook group to request existing non sublimation shapes in sublimation hardboard.

Constructed of high-quality acrylic, they are custom-cut just for you so this item adds 2 days of processing time to your order.

An order of 1 = 1

Pressing instructions for CC Sub Hardwood:
Items 3 x 3 inches:
375 degrees at 20 seconds to preheat
375 at 60 seconds with print
No to low pressure

Items larger than 3 x 3 inches:
In a dedicated craft toaster oven place hardboard pieces 
180 to 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.
Press at 375 for 60 seconds with a sublimation print.
No to low presure

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