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40 Ounce Tumbler Topper Bundle - UV Resin, Neogtiator, Acrylic Toppers

40 Ounce Tumbler Topper Bundle - UV Resin, Neogtiator, Acrylic Toppers

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Get everything you need in one convenient bundle! Our 40 ounce tumbler topper bundle includes 5 topper shapes (as pictured), UV resin, and negotiator tool. Perfect for any tumbler enthusiast, this bundle has all the essentials to elevate your crafting game.

Toppers include:

Groovy Flower - Yellow Glitter

Groovy Flower - Bubblegum Glitter

Round - Frost Blue Glitter

Small Round - White

Straight - Aurora Borealis (AB) 2 Sided Glitter

Constructed of high-quality substrates, they are custom-cut just for you so this item adds 2 days of processing time to your order.

An order of 1 = 1 of each tumbler topper pictured, one 100g bottle Leon's UV Resin and 1 Neogtiator tool.
*fits most 40 ounce tumbler lids

White Acrylic Sublimation Instructions:
385 degrees
60 seconds
light pressure

Hardboard Sublimation Instructions:
Items 3 x 3 inches:
375 degrees at 20 seconds to preheat
375 at 60 seconds with print
No to low pressure

Items larger than 3 x 3 inches:
In a dedicated craft toaster oven place hardboard pieces 
180 to 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.
Press at 375 for 60 seconds with a sublimation print.
No to low pressure

Clear with White Sublimatable Back Acrylic Sublimation Instructions:
375 degrees
60 - 120 seconds
Very Heavy pressure
DO NOT mirror image
Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model ink and paper
and atmospheric conditions.
2nd Note: The layers of soft paper towel achieve two goals: 1. it helps to
distribute the pressure evenly throughout the substrate; 2. it helps to trap
the ink that is dispersed outside of the edges of the substrate if there is an
overprint area or full bleed in the artwork.
3rd Note: Sublimate on the white side. The sublimation will be very dull on
the clear side.
Layer the press from the bottom pad to the top heat platen as follows:
1. teflon sheet or scratch paper
2. 2-3 layers of soft paper towel
3. substrate
4. transfer
5. teflon sheet or scratch paper
1. Align the substrate onto the transfer.
2. Tape two ends of the substrate to the transfer using heat tape.
3. Place the transfer and substrate in the press onto the paper towel
(transfer on top of the substrate).
4. Place the Teflon sheet or scratch paper over the transfer and acrylic.
5. Press the items using the settings listed above.
6. Remove items from the press immediately. Use heat-resistant gloves if
necessary - the items will be very hot.
7. Tear the transfer in half opposite the taped ends.
8. Place the sublimation side down with a heavy object on top to prevent
warping while it cools.


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